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Username: mistresskitty
Age: 27
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Region: North West
County: Merseyside
Town / City: Liverpool


As the male tentatively explores his desire and need to submit to a Superior Female, feelings of guilt and shame are often experienced. Society dictates the virtues of men to be based on self-control and resilience as opposed to relinquishing control and surrendering to another.

As the craving to be Dominated by the authority of the Female increases, so does the feeling which opposes these intrinsic desires. Such duelling forces existing within the submissive mind require that a Dominant Female be well-versed in the complexities of the male psyche.

As the male disposes himself of his social persona and exposes his submissive self to his Dominant, he is voluntarily positioning his being in a place of inferiority and, thus, vulnerability.

Submission is, therefore, a gift to be cherished. The exchange between Dominant and submissive is incessantly permeated by sensual, social, emotional, and spiritual undertones.

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