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Age: 34
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Region: North West
County: Greater Manchester
Town / City: Manchester




Hi, I'm Natalie and I'm a SUBMISSIVE who likes to be dominated.
As a young girl I knew something was different with me, whilst most girls cringe at the thought of being submissive, bound and dominated by a man, to me it's a major turn on!

Having a powerful dominant male force himself upon me, taking my innocence and helping him reach his orgasm is the greatest pleasure he can bestow upon me!

Imagine us being together right now - me in my stockings and sexy lingerie - you with your 'on the turn' flaccid penis. you start to tie me to the bed and I see your dick starting to rise, Mmmmm.. I can see you getting more and more excited with every knot you tie! I'm completely defenceless, motionless and you rip of my knickers! you move down to my sweet spot and you start tonguing deep in my pussy. You can't help yourself, my huge clit and labia are now integral to you, you pull, you suck and you pull on my pussy, my clit swelling with every motion.

You stand and pull down your boxers in a commanding way and I see your pre cum literally dripping from your Huge erect cock, fucking hell, it looks fucking great, look at the swollen cock head. fuck I want that big dick in my helpless wet fucking pussy.

Please please contact me, we have to finish this! Don't let that cum go wasted! I need it, I crave it!

How nice would that be baby ;)

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