Discreet, Safe, Experienced MILF.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn more about who I am.

I am the epitome of an All English 'woman next door'.

My body always attracts attention wherever I go. A natural blonde (sometimes a redhead, as the mood takes me) with brown eyes, a pearly white smile and a "Marilyn Monroe" type of curvaceous build (a girl can dream can't she!).

Standing at 5'9", my measurements are built for pleasure.

ME: Friends would describe me as an intelligent and hardworking woman who effortlessly balances a successful secretarial career with a fun and exciting social life.

Personality: Kind and giving in nature, that's me. Therefore my free time is often spent engaged in charity and volunteer work. Being thoughtful is an important value. I believe it is imperative to be an individual that's kind, generous and attentive to those we come into contact with.

I've blossomed into someone confident in my sexuality and not afraid to be myself. Life is filled with many ups and downs, I've learned the importance of valuable moments and good times. In a world filled with judgement you should be free to explore your most suppressed desires without worry. I am extremely versatile and am comfortable with us playing out your fantasy.

I enjoy getting to know new people and feel like we can always learn something from one other. I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can plan a fun, exciting adventure together.

Helen xxx

PS I nearly forgot, some people might think I'm quite a chatty, flirty woman! lol


Please note, I'm not interested in texting you if you're under 18. This is a UK adult 18 plus service, and the double opt-in process is mandatory.

Explicit texts which are offensive, abusive or ask me to engage in roleplay scenarios that are illegal, under UK law, such as bestiality, will be ignored, and the offending party risks being reported to the authorities and their mobile number being blocked.

The £1.50 charge for private messages you receive from me is a 'service contribution charge' which goes towards network costs and the running of the service. I am not a prostitute or sex worker and no money is taken in exchange for sex in real life.

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