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I may be in my mid forties, but I have the libido of a 30 year old. Think of me as maturity at it's best.

I've a curvy, receptive body that has truly been built for comfort and offers nothing but pleasure. Add natural FF breasts with nipples that cry out to be sucked and played with to the mix and think of all the fun we could have.

Have you had a stressful day and are wondering how to relax or are you bored and would like to liven up your evening?

Contact me, I'm sure I can think of something to make you smile. ;)

***** Ruby has the most amazingly large breasts you will ever come across, so if you like women with big boobs and a little on the large side, why not check Ruby out?

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Ruby45, 45 from Buckinghamshire | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: ruby45
Age: 45
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Region: South East
County: Buckinghamshire
Town / City: Amersham