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Username: sue57
Age: 57
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Region: South East
County: Oxfordshire
Town / City: Oxford


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I am Susan, and there exists an opportunity to enjoy a journey not for the destination but for the path it takes you on; the path it takes us both on.

Your life is mundane, you are in a sexless marriage, or you have a granny sex fantasy. Your sense of adventure beckons, catalyzed by carnal curiosity.

The power of seduction begins with a conversation and a spark of imagination. Please join me on a thrilling journey of discovery with no expectations, just plenty of appreciation.

Intimacy that is authentic within the realm in which it lives. Your paradise lost is now a pleasure found. As a mature lady, I am in a position to play my part in your older lady fantasies, provided the circumstances are optimal for both of us.

The enchantment always lies in what is hidden. Let's get personal and connect, but only if that's what you want :)

Yours truly,
Sue xxx

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