Born a combination of Spanish and Irish with an extra dose of passion. I'm your sweet and charming horny woman of choice. Early 40's, all natural with a healthy appetite for pleasure.

Seduction, the pleasure of emotional intimacy, mind-blowing chemistry and the slow build up of anticipation is what gets me excited!

IRL: I adore a weekend getaway, romantic candlelit evenings of dining filled with stimulating conversation, discreet sexiness and flirting.

ME: I love to travel, explore new places and share those experiences. I enjoy the freedom this site offers. Nothing is rushed in my world, except traffic! lol

This type of flirting suits my circumstances better than getting into a serious relationship. I find chatting and exploring sex fantasies more fulfilling than traditional dating. It gives me the opportunity to be who I really am and get into roleplay with amazing guys who aren't looking for any commitment.

Getting to know each other through this website is safe, direct and honest and it eliminates the need for any pretense beyond that of the roleplay scenarios we create.

If you seek a genuine connection filled with passionate, I eagerly await your introduction! :)

Daniela xxx

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Daniela42, 42 from Herefordshire | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: daniela42
Age: 42
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Region: Midlands
County: Herefordshire
Town / City: Hereford