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Username: jackie52
Age: 52
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Region: London
County: Greater London
Town / City: Romford


Looking for a BDSM session?

Whether you are a beginner or a gentleman who has previously used this website, my specialty is BDSM roleplay. If that is what you seek, then contact me.

Introduction: My name is Jackie, a 52-year-old lifestyle Mistress from Romford. I'm 5'6", without heels, have blue eyes and blonde hair.

I have an infinite desire to dominate men... I am here for ME. If you have not used this website yet, it's time to discover one of London's most dominant Mistresses.

I am accepting applications for ageplay, feminisation, mistress/slave training etc., Send me a contact message and should I deem you worthy, get ready for the BDSM session of your life!

Mistress Jackie

Please note that sexual slavery in this context is a consensual exchange of power from a submissive to ME (the Mistress/Dominant/Top).

The scope of sexual surrender will be at the sole discretion of the sub and can be withdrawn.

I will not exceed a sub's boundaries or the point at which a sub starts to feel uncomfortable with the way a session is going.

If you are a sub male and have a question or specific fantasy you would like to explore with me, get in touch.

Please be aware though, that any fantasy proposed must not cross the line of being illegal under UK law. I will not engage in anything illegal - this goes for fantasy roleplay or in real life - so do NOT ask ME.

I believe that about covers it.

Contact Jackie52: