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Username: jan58
Age: 58
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Region: South East
County: Bedfordshire
Town / City: Luton


Sexy Granny!

I want a guy to make love to my pussy with his face!

Your not going to fuck me unless you lick me and eat me first.

Basically, if you want to stick it you've got to lick it.

If I'm wearing, pink, red, or black knickers I want to lay on my back with my legs spread wide apart.

I want you to sniff my knickers and get your wet tongue to lick my pussy through my knickers.

You know when you have me wiggling and begging that you better pull my panties to the side and tease me by
licking my pussy lips, softly nibbling on them and sucking on my swollen cunt lips into your greedy mouth.

Tease me, inhale me and tongue fuck me!

Could you make me cum using your mouth and then fuck me?

I'd love to know what your naughty interests are? Have you any sexy secrets or taboo fetishes?

If you are into sexy things and can't share them with your partner you can always share them with me!

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