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Username: lucy23
Age: 23
Pic Swaps:
Region: South West & Wales
County: Wiltshire
Town / City: Chippenham


Love wearing short skirts, stockings, heels, sexy lingerie, and provocative clothes (or not) in public ;-)

I'm Lucy (rhymes with juicy!) and I'm in Wiltshire, Chippenham to be precise. I'm 23 years old, just, single, have green eyes and blonde hair, stand a petite 5'3" and have very pert C-cup boobies.

There's more: I like being spanked, love to tease, whenever the opportunity presents itself, and am addicted to seeing cocks, either flaccid or hard, whatever is current :-)

Confession time: I wish I had a sex slave. We all change and evolve. Me, I used to be submissive, but I found dominant partners to be rare. So I became one for myself, if not for others.

That said, my dreams are changing constantly ;-)

Thanks for being a fan. Please do message me, you never know!

BTW I like it here because it's anonymous and authentic, you can come and go at any time, it's certified genuine and guaranteed to deliver what you're looking for. What's more, there's no obligation, no questions asked and it's completely risk-free. And, you're protected, interactions are fully secure and there's plenty of NSA adult fun to be had.

Why not reach out and touch me where I like it :-)

Single or married matters not to me.

Let's get some juicy Lucy on if you're up for it?

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