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Username: luna
Age: 48
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Region: Midlands
County: Cambridgeshire
Town / City: Peterborough


Mature BBW, cock edging and precum hoarder!

BBW who's not a fan of the quickie, although it has its moments, I'd really like to be comfortable and hang out a while - either being taken to the edge repeatedly or experience strong multiple orgasms as many times as possible in whatever kind of situation thrills you most.

Over to you, I'd love to share your goods in a similar way, nothing to quick. I'd like to edge you multiple times, really getting the veins on your hard cock throbbing and your purple headed warrior swollen to the max, filling your balls till their blue and aching!

I'd collect your precum till there's enough to satisfy my needs. Then, whilst you imagine pounding my Huge moist open space I'd allow you to cum all over my huge BBW tits!

If you want to continue the fantasy, you know what to do.

Give me what you've got, I'm waiting!

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