How's your imagination today, baby?

As you treat my clit like a lollipop, my juices start running down your face. I lift myself up and help you slide your manhood into me as you grab me by my hips and enter me, inch by inch!

I watch in the mirror as I start to ride your big cock, taking a little more of you inside with each motion.

With your hands on my hips you help me swing my lower body in a circular motion as my body glides up and down. My juices covering you and making your cock glisten in the light... my pussy lips wrapped tightly around your cock as I take it in more and more!

Starting to sweat and breath heavy, you pull me up so I have just the head of your throbbing cock inside me.

Holding onto the arms of a chair, I look back as I lean forward. You smile as you spread my arse and you watch me slowly slide down.

You spank me as I take more and more of you inside me.

With your cock deep inside, and me sitting on your lap, I move clockwise in a circular motion as you move me up and down.

Bending over you reach down and grab my ankles pushing your hips a little and forcing yourself inside me ever more deeply.

You continue to rock me back and forth, your hands on my hips picking me up then back down again, as your cock is forced deeper and deeper inside me. I can feel you cock still growing, its thickness spreading my lips to allow you even deeper access.

Reaching up, you cup my tits in your hands and gently pull me back, I'm leaning against your chest as I continue to ride your big cock.

I don't want to move too quickly as my legs start to quiver!

You run your fingertips over my tits, down my stomach to my pussy where you can feel our body heat spreading through the air. You spread my lips, sliding more cock inside me.

I reach down and wrap my hands around your shaft, wanking you off inside me as you pinch and rub my clit with your fingers.

Your free hand reaches up and cups my tits, running between them to my mouth where I suck my fingers before you slide your cock into my pussy. Your fingers sliding in rhythm with your cock and rubbing my lips inside.

Still riding your cock my tits start bouncing, I reach down and grab your shaft. You slowly stroke and start massaging my pussy lips with the head of your excited manhood.

My juices are all over your hand. Pulling your cock out, I turn around so we are face to face. Not wasting much time we re-position ourselves.

Smiling into your eyes, we kiss deep and hard as I reach down quickly and with great force guide you back inside me. I take my hand and slide it into your mouth, and you do the same to me with mine, as we both taste my pussy juices.

We slowly kiss again, flicking our tongues before you slide your head down and I move up a little to allow you to start sucking my tits. My nipples have never been harder as you nibble them gently.

Your breathing increases as you firmly and without hesitation start spreading my arse cheeks. You grab your cock as you slowly slide its head into my arse, then your stiff shaft, inch by inch. Grabbing my arse cheeks and gently squeezing.

"Fuck me." I beg you for more!! You slide completely inside and out over and over as you spank me and grab a handful of my perfectly shaped arse cheeks.

I reach down and start rubbing myself, playing with my dripping, quivering pussy as you plunge deeper and harder into my arse. My juices running wild and the force of us fucking sends the juices covering our thighs.

Spanking and grabbing my arse with each thrust, I lean back away from you as your cock stays inside. I rotate my body then move back up and down, you look down and see my pussy
dripping even more!

My sweet smelling aroma turns you wild. You reach down and with two fingers flick my lips, then slide inside as I sit up. You continue fingering me deeper and harder. "Please don't stop" I moan, your thumb still rubbing my hard clit hard and fast.

Your two fingers continue to work inside my wet pussy. Leaning forward you start sucking my nipples again and flicking them with your tongue. Hmmmmmmm, that is so good, baby!

You pull your fingers out and quickly replace them with your fully engorged cock pulsating in sync with my contracting pussy.

Wasting no time you hurry and are completely inside me. Grabbing my arse you pick me up and bounce me down on your manhood, over and over again. My pussy lips opening and widening with each thrust, your balls tightening and slapping against my thighs.

You are almost ready to cum. You bury your face between my tits and pump a couple more times.

"I'm cumming." Taking my tits in your mouth as you explode deep inside me.

Your body quivers as your balls empty, filling my pussy with several big squirts of your hot cum, as you continue fucking and sucking my tits.

With the last of the cum drizzling out of you, you are still grinding against my hips, when all of a sudden while you rub my pussy lips I cum too, pouring my juices all over you.

My body shivers and shakes as I go limp falling onto your body in exhaustion.

Message me baby, please.

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