Raunchy in Reading! Married Mindy (45), 5'5" tall with a fantastic pair of DDs is ready to take your messages and engage with you in your roleplay fantasies.

Welcome to my profile.

Run your finger around the outline of my body. Does that feel good?

About me: Beautiful brown eyes that glitter and mesmerise. Soft cheeks, juicy strawberry lips, slim and slight shoulders. Smooth, silky hair that shines whenever the light catches it.

Keep tracing down my luscious curves and smooth skin, kept taut and toned by yoga. Naturally full breasts, with delicious cherry nipples.

Come closer. Touch my shapely, peach of a derriere`. Turn me around to my other set of lips... yours for the taking.

My 'modus operandi' in life is the delectable pursuit of passion and pleasure. Lying in the arms of a lover, sharing deeply intimate moments is a place I have genuinely come to crave.

I imagine your touch, the weight of your body on mine. I ask you to allow me into your world and share what lights the fever in your soul. I am the silk laced warmth in the room; your most amorous lover. I implore you to take some time out from the busy and the mundane to refresh yourself in a sexual and subconscious awakening.

I am the mysterious woman in the bar who can hold a scintillating conversation, yet once alone in a secluded setting, I become entirely uninhibited; ready for whatever your mind and body desire.

I hope you message me, a simple 'hi' will be enough to open things up.

Mindy xxx

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Mindy, 45 from Berkshire | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: mindy
Age: 45
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Region: South East
County: Berkshire
Town / City: Reading