Christy40, 40 from City of Edinburgh | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: christy40
Age: 40
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Region: Scotland
County: City of Edinburgh
Town / City: Edinburgh


Looking for a confidante and coconspirator with a love of adventure who is inclined towards playful, relaxed intimacy? Oh, babe...

I'm Christy, 40, and I'm from Edinburgh. I'm 5'6", have brown eyes, short dark hair and a firm and toned body and delightfully delicious boobies. :-)

Available for steamy sessions today, especially if you're offering strawberries and champagne or other forms of shameless bribery. lol

Carrier pigeons don't seem to arrive safely there days, so I recommend that you text me when you've finished reading my ad! lol :-)

I'm so much more than a faintly pornographic book! Hehe

Christy x

PS If I'm not who you're looking for, no worries just click next. There's someone here for everyone I'm sure.

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