Hi, and thank you for taking the time to check me out ;-)

About me: My name is Colleen, I'm really real (in case you were wondering!) and I'm here for the picking right now!

There's more: I'm a mature, sexually experienced Cougar, 48-years-old. I have red hair and I'm originally from Ireland, but now in Bolton, Lancashire. I leggy, 5'7", wear a c-cup bra, and I'm here because I want to hear from men that use this site for a little NSA adult fun on the side. ;-)

There are lots of really hot women featured here, but I'm hoping you will at least give us a chance to explore the possibilities! :-)


Yes, it's true I have a penchant towards younger men - there's just something that's hot and sexy about having a secret toyboy. I don't know if it's the energy or the fact that many people see the toyboy fantasy as some for anything taboo? Either way, does it really matter? I personally think not! :-) We all have our own fantasy, and having a toyboy admirer just happens to be mine.

This means you will be male aged 25-35 ideally, but in any event, you will be younger than me and not 45 or older. Sorry, but it's just that younger guys do it for me.

Whatever happens, know this, I will never lead you on, unless you are wearing a collar and lead lol which brings us nicely onto the fact that I enjoy a little kinky stuff - I'm not really a vanilla person, so if vanilla is what you are looking for keep clicking.

I'm in a committed relationship, so not looking for anything serious, hence me being listed on this website. Ideally, I would like to get to know you and if we get on well this would lead to something regular. That said, I am okay with a one-off session if that's how things work out.

I am broad-minded, which means I'm not easily shocked. You can be as open with me as you like knowing your secret desires will be safe with me and won't go any further. Privacy and discretion are assured and expected in return.

Colleen xxx

PS I'm here because this site does not get timewasters - I want us to get into the fun and with no messing around.

PPS I'm sure if we both use the service properly - that means no pressure to do anything we don't want to do, and there's no abuse or nastiness between us then we can look forward to having some great sessions! :-)

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Colleen48, 48 from Greater Manchester | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: colleen48
Age: 48
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Region: North West
County: Greater Manchester
Town / City: Bolton