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Username: helena55
Region: LondonLondon
County: Greater London
Town / City: Erith
Age: 55
Pic Swaps:



Swinging and swapping fantasy? Or are you into kinky sex or fetish play? Or simply anything and everything to do with sex as I am?

Either way...

Thank you for taking the time to look me over. ;-)

About me: I am tall, I am blonde, I am Passionate, oh yes my name is Helena and I am available to you.

What more can I say, I am told I am stylish and classy and seriously know what I am doing when it comes to matters of a sexual nature.

But in no way am I too serious. I have a good sense of humor (I think) and am up to experience new adventurers any time of the day or night.

Do you ever fantasise about sex with another women, a MILF, a mature sexually experienced women who is perhaps quite a bit older than you are?

Well, if you're between 25 - 45 then we have a match because my fantasies all tend to involve men much younger than me.

If you choose me our sessions will be unrushed or as quick as you want them to be, so you receive maximum pleasure and enjoyment with a guaranteed happy ending ;-)

Whatever your fantasy, I am here to play my part to the full.

I hope you will send me a quick message to that I can get back to you x

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