Exhibitionism, Voyeurism and Flashing


The term exhibitionist tends to be used to describe someone who engages in exposing themselves to strangers for the purpose of gaining sexual arousal.


Female exhibitionists will often masturbate while fantasising about the shocked reactions they received from their unsuspecting targets.

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A desire to be watched by a stranger is a high runner in the female fantasy wish-list. Exhibitionism comes up frequently in numerous diverse scenarios where the woman is an exhibitionist. And we find more often than not the ladies who are the naughtiest have the wildest fantasies.

There are loads of fantasies that entail female exposure i.e. The Stripper Fantasy is one of the highest ranking fantasies on a female exhibitionist's list. For women, the very idea of men watching them strip naked, lusting after them and knowing men are aroused by what they're doing amounts to raw feminine power over men. Knowing she can seduce these men is a gigantic turn on for all female exhibitionists.

Are you an exhibitionist?
Even though displaying your genitals in public is against the law, a massive number of people have done it at one time or another. Numerous men and women have flashed their private bits in a public space. So does this indicate that the world is filled with exhibitionists? No, not exactly.

Flashing is often fuelled by alcohol and a momentary loss of inhibitions and self-control. However, a true exhibitionist doesn't need any 'liquid courage' and doesn't get naked as part of an organised event.

The central trait of an exhibitionist is to expose their genitals to an unsuspecting stranger. This exposure, more often than not occurs in public places. The objective of the 'flasher' is to evoke a reaction from the other person, and it is this which an exhibitionist finds sexually arousing.

Exhibitionism has been classified as a disorder when the urge to 'flash' becomes uncontrollable, or causes distress to those on the receiving end of unwanted sexual attention and exposure.

As with many curious sexual interests, exhibitionism tends to be far more widespread among men than women. For instance, a nationwide survey revealed that 5.2% of men and 3.7% of women said they'd exposed their genitals to a stranger at least once and that they found the experience to be sexually arousing.

Men who expose themselves are far more likely to be reported for having done so, than a female flasher, because female 'victims' are much more likely to report the incident. Male victims tend to say that they rather enjoyed the flashing experienced and wished it happened more often to them.

Where does exhibitionism come from?
Exposing or flashing often starts early in life. Again we can turn to research which found that some exhibitionists report flashing others at a very young age. If you find flashing a pleasurable experience, it may create a powerful compulsion which can be difficult to break.

Some people identify as exhibitionists, but don't expose themselves to strangers or get off on the thought of seeing another person's shocked reaction. This is a group of people who experience arousal by exposing their genitals to a willing audience (e.g., strippers, lap-dancers and those that perform sex acts on webcams). This group aren't classified as having some sort of disorder. The takeaway point here is that there's a significant difference between someone with a clinical disorder and how the term exhibitionist is used in everyday language.

This is a representative medical, clinical analysis of something that society deems wrong, we prefer to think of exhibitionism as just another perfectly human form of sex, visual safe sex. There are, in fact some people who display to be enjoyed by others who are often mislabelled, voyeurs.

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Abbi, 22, from Leeds enjoys putting on a display for others who equally enjoy seeing her laid bare, she definitely doesn't consider herself to be someone who needs medical help, just someone who enjoys an alternative form of human sexuality, the pleasure of exposing herself to others in a shared situation.

I grew up in surroundings of girlfriend sharing, revealing clothing and nudity and became unafraid of my nakedness or that of others.

I was a stripper for a while, and was attracted to men who enjoyed me displaying my wares. I've even lived in situations where neighbours displayed to me and me to them. This is not some sort of medical issue, this is an alternative to boring sex which very quickly can become a non-event, even in a committed relationship.

Look at exhibitionism as the spice that flavours the dish, and not as an issue. The issue is more that of a society that chooses to vilify nudity and nakedness and brands all exhibitionism as inappropriate in any situation. But in reality, it's an alternative sex and I believe it should be recognised as just that. Abbi from Leeds xxx Cick to visit her page.

Association between Exhibitionism and Voyeurism
We would describe voyeurism as an activity concerning realisation of arousal, by viewing the sexual activity of another person or by watching another person remove their clothing without them knowing they're being watched. To some degree voyeurism is prevalent; a mixture of types of sexual display is a normal part of sexual attraction. However, voyeurism may become an abnormal behaviour when watching ceases to be merely one factor of sexual appeal, and becomes the single or chief source of sexual satisfaction. The risk of being caught is an additional element in the excitement of a voyeur.

CLARE SAYS [No Regrets]
I'm Clare, 45, form Cheshire and I've been an exhibitionist for 12 years now. And it's not something I'm ashamed of it either. I've never confessed to being an exhibitionist to anyone before. But as we don't know each other I guess my secret will remain secret!

Like I said, it started about 12 years ago. I remember the first time I had this feeling I was on a bus, and an older man was watching me. I realised he could see up my skirt. But instead of feeling embarrassed, I found the experience arousing as I opened up my legs even further to give him a better view of my knickers.

My behaviour quickly escalated into an obsession. I would find any excuse I could to let guys see up my skirt, often when I wasn't wearing any knickers so they could see my fanny. Over time, I became even bolder and more daring in that I wouldn't try to hide the fact that I was exposing myself, and enjoying it.

These days I still enjoy it immensely and practice exhibitionism regularly. However, I'm a lot more subtle about exposing myself now. I get a greater thrill out of a guy thinking that I don't realise I'm exposing myself. If he knows that I know, it tends to ruin it for me. I like the idea that he thinks he's getting a sneaky look without me knowing!!

If I was a guy I'm sure I would have been arrested by now. I guess I could get in trouble also but rather than put me off, it makes exposing myself even more exciting and thrilling.

Be careful girls. It only takes one weirdo for things to go from exciting to FUCKED UP and it can happen in a few seconds! Clare from Knutsford, Cheshire. Cick to visit her page.

I love going out in revealing clothing. A former lover started it and now I'm addicted. I went to one of those 'hand wash car wash' places the other day, the kind where a guy uses a high-powered jet spray with plenty of suds. You know the ones! Anyway, while this guy was spraying water over my car, I discreetly undid a couple of buttons on my top and then positioned myself so he could have a sneaky peek down the front of my blouse. And yes, you guessed it, I was braless so he could see my nipples, if he got up close enough.

I must say he spent a good deal of time washing my car that day. He has to be the most meticulous car wash guy in the Midlands! Bethan from Birmingham. Cick to visit her page.

There's a huge misconstruction about exhibitionists like me. We're often erroneously accused of wanting to shock or disgust people, and accused of being some kind of weirdo or violent person. That's very much the opposite of what many exhibitionists are usually like. A positive fleeting look is the dream scenario for many of us 'showmen'. Duncan, Fife

Katriane, 50, from London

When was the first time you flashed someone?

About 20 years ago when I was 30, I lifted my top and revealed my tits in front of a guy. It was an exhilarating feeling especially because he wasn't shocked, frightened or disgusted. I don't think there's any 'experts' out there that can explain exactly why I and others enjoy exposing ourselves to strangers. I'd imagine it's something to do with genes, hormones, upbringing or whatever childhood sexual experiences you've had.

Can't you just go to a nudist beach or something?

In fact I don't know why it's different. Exposing yourself just makes you feel like you're losing control. It's like you're drunk or on something. Exposing myself must release some kind of chemical reaction in my brain or something. I really can't explain it more than that, sorry.

What about the men you flash?

Every time I flash my boobs or pussy at a man they seem to find it an enjoyable experience! It's totally never been my intention to scare anyone. I don't force guys to look at me; they can just not look if they don't want to see me. Luckily, most men enjoy the view! These guys are a gift to us girl exhibitionists.

But even if a man decides just to look away, you've already forced him to see your tits or pussy. That's illegal isn't it?

Yeah, probably. But I've never been reported, as far as I know, and I've flashed literally hundreds of guys. That's no exaggeration.

So what do you think about flashing generally?

Men aren't scared that something else is going to happen when I flash them, it's a different scenario the other way round and I get that. Female exhibitionists aren't prone to violence and absolutely not prone to any sort of violent sexual crimes. Female exhibitionism is not a typical gateway offence that leads to subsequent sexually-motivated violence. It's cheeky and it's harmless.

Unfortunately female exhibitionism is still a taboo subject in our society. A subject that is made more dramatic than it actually is because most people don't get it. If people were better informed about compulsive exhibitionism, we would avoid a great deal of unnecessary fear and scaremongering.

Well, that's one way to look at it. What about your partner? Does he know about this?

Yeah, my hubby knows about all of this and he's very supportive. In fact he gets turned on by my exhibitionism.

So you think people should learn to deal with female exhibitionism, instead of you having to keep your knickers on, legs closed and your tits covered?

That would be good wouldn't it?

It doesn't sound like you're going to stop exposing yourself anytime soon?

Of course not, why would I? I enoy it and so do the men who get to see my pusy or tits!

I'm a 34 year old, single professional woman, normal in every way to the point of being dull and boring, but I have a secret sex life here, and a secret fantasy of thousands of men looking at naked pictures of me and masturbating over them! It began as a random thought when I was reading about yet another celebrity, whose naked pictures had found their way onto the Internet. I wondered how they must feel knowing that thousands of men had seen them naked.

One of my friends commented that the idea of thousands of man wanking off over naked pictures of you would be weird. I agreed with her of course, but I couldn't stop thinking about how it would REALLY feel and I found that the more I thought about it, the more the idea began to turn me on. Now XXX Sex Contacts is an obsession with me. Evelina, Manchester

I don't understand why exhibitionism has become such a big deal. Sex plays a big part in my life and always has. I don't mind having casual sex with a guy I really like and have been known to flash my tits and go without wearing any panties many times.

Since exhibitionism and flashing has become an obsession with me I masturbate every night and sometimes more than once a night and have the most incredibly intense orgasms with guys I meet here. Friends tell me I have a hot body and think most men would like to see me naked and exposed - little do they know!

XXX Sex Contacts is a secret thing for me. During the day I go about my every day life like Ms Normal with a capital 'N' and constantly imagine guys all over the country wanking off at pictures of me naked while I masturbating myself into a frenzy every night... and nobody who knows me would imagine that. Madeleine, 50, from Reading (UK)

My name is Cameron and I'm a BITCH. I'm 24 years old. I'm very pretty and I don't mind telling you that. I also have a great body, and I don't mind telling you that either. I am 5' 4" tall, have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, and my measurements are 34-24-34. I'm still a virgin, but I have a lot of fun. I am an exhibitionist.

That's right, I am an exhibitionist. I love to show off my body. Every chance I get, I like to let other people see my body. I'm not just talking about walking around the beach in a skimpy little bikini. Oh, I like doing that, too. But what I really enjoy is showing my totally nude body off. And not just to boys.

I get really excited when older men look at my nakedness. I don't care how old you are: 30's 40's 50s or older; I like older men seeing me without my clothes on. And I know they like looking at me. Like I said, I have a great body. And to be perfectly honest, I even like to show off to other females, too. Girls my age and older; I don't care.

Sometimes my reason for exposing my body to women is a bit different to exposing my body to men. I love to turn men on. I love it when I can make them desire me, to lust after me, to want me. Mostly though, with women, I want them to envy me. I want them to see my perfect body and wish it was theirs.

I am so bitchy, aren't I? lol Well I don't care. I can afford to be. Secretly though, there are times when I want girls to desire me, too. No, I haven't been sexual yet with a girl, but I've been thinking about it. I guess I'm what you would call 'bi-curious' about girls.

In my short life time, I've discovered an age-old secret. Lots of girls know this secret. Some girls learn it early in life, others learn in later in life. Sadly, some girls never learn it; while some girls learn it, but they never use it.

The secret is very simple. We women have the power to change the world. We have the power to make men do our bidding. We can make men our slaves, to do with them as we please. We can just use the power to satisfy our own selfish needs. That power lies right between our legs.

I call it my 'pussy power'. You might think I'm talking about fucking around; letting men get their cocks inside my pussy, and unloading their cum juice inside me. No, no, that's not the answer. Guys won't do anything after they've had some pussy except roll over and go to sleep.

You've got to use your pussy power before they get any of your precious cunt. You've got to let them know it's there. You've got to let them see it. You've got to let them know that they MIGHT get some. Guys will do practically anything if they think they'll get what THEY want. And they need to be reminded all the time. The best reminder is to let them see what you've got for them. That's why I love showing my pussy off here.

You're probably wondering what led me to this young life of exhibitionism. Well, it wasn't just one thing; it was a whole series of events in my life. They say that we young people are very impressionable. I think that's true. I know there were some things that made a very strong impression on me. And that's why today I love flashing my beautiful body. Is this honest and frank enough for you! lol If you want to chance your arm, you can catch me on the link below. Let the games begin... Cameron, 24, London (UK). Click to visit my page.

With my exhibitionist tendencies

Maybe I should start somewhere near the beginning, when I was a young girl, to explain how I became an exhibitionist. I followed my mum and dad upstairs. They left the door slightly open, just enough for me to peek in. Dad was sitting on the bed; Mum was standing in front of him...

'Strip for me, babe. You know how I love to see you take your clothes off,' Dad said. And that's exactly what Mum did. She stood there in front of Dad and took her clothes off, one piece at a time, very slowly. She took off her blouse, and then her bra came off...

'Do you like these, babe?' Mum said, holding her breasts up for Dad to look at. Dad never said anything. He just started kissing Mum's tits, especially her nipples, and made an 'Mmmmm' sound. I guessed Dad loved to kiss Mum's naked boobs.

By the time Mum had taken all of her clothes off, Dad was really happy. He had a big smile on his face, and he was kissing Mum all over, even on her hairy cunt. 'Mmmmm' was all Dad ever seemed to say when he would kiss Mum's naked body.

Mum seemed to like it when Dad kissed her hairy cunt. 'Oh, yes, babe. Kiss it. Kiss my pussy,' Mum said. I didn't get to see what happened after that. Dad looked up and saw me peeping through the crack in the door, and whisked me away to the living room. All I knew was Dad liked Mum a whole lot when he looked at her naked body. I found out later that Mum could always make Dad happy when she got naked, but it would be years before I found out why! Blair, 26, Market Drayton, Shropshir

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Exhibitionism. Flashing, Voyeurism

"I ended up as an exhibitionist quite by accident. I found that I liked it. I liked the attention, liked that I could control and use my obsession to my advantage. When I expose my pussy and breasts to men they lust after me. So I continue doing it." Carlin, 27, Hinkley, Midlands

Both men and women can by prone to be exhibitionists in their own ways. But society seems to give women more of a free pass. Women have more of what's been called erotic capital. Women can sell their exhibitionist tendencies and so we do. Men just have a harder time of it. Lara, 24, Durham, North East

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