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Username: liv27
Age: 27
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Region: South East
County: Buckinghamshire
Town / City: Milton Keynes


Congratulations! You have stumbled on my profile.

BJ expert, first class shag, and ultra-horny cock-riding bitch! :-)

I'm here for some adult fun, but wait, I'm not desperate. I crave sexual excitement, love the mystery of not knowing who you are and simply adore sexual variety.

Why you should message me:

1. I love sex, and as you can see by the visual aid [profile pic], I'm well up for it.

2. Who doesn't love the rush of sexual spontaneity, mystery, and adventure?

3. I'm a party starter! :-)

4. I want to do filthy adult things with you! ;-)

5. I'm hands down the best catch on this site. lol

6. My face scores 10/10, body 10/10, sex appeal 10/10, personality 10/10 and my sense of humour comes out at 20/10. lol

Okay, I am fun, stylish and hot, but am I the real deal or just another fake bitch? I'm really, REAL.

I won't only get down and dirty with you, I'll love doing it. I'm open-minded, so whatever kink you may be into, that works for me too. I am always ready, wet and willing, be it night or day.

I can put a smile on your face, even if your day so far has been total shit. If you're bored or lonely and stuck for something to do, I can help! ;-)

So what are you waiting for?

Other notable qualities and skills:

I'm qualified in CPR, in case it proves necessary! lol

I know every sex position there is and I'm pretty good at doing what I do.

Oh, and I'm not Thai, so if you do send me a cock pic you know I won't send you one back! lol

Every day people are getting married and having kids and shit, I'm not interested in any of that.

BTW, my favourite vibrator just crashed, so here we are!

My little secret (it's a true story): I once went to a fancy dress party, five years ago now, dressed as an egg and hooked up with this guy who was dressed as a chicken (do you believe in fate? lol).

Anyway, the age-old question of what came first the chicken or the egg was answered that night. It was the chicken!

Liv xoxo

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