Thought I'd describe how I'd like to give you a blowjob *lol*+blush* My technique is based on what I've learned from satisfying men over the years. So here goes and no laughing!

To start with, I'd caress your cock through your pants, making you hard before I undo your zip. I would find it visually stimulating to play with your cock through your trousers; I would also like how it feels to the touch - your rock-hard cock dying to be unleashed! :)

It's best if you stand and I kneel down in front of you, with my hands sliding over your bulge which is sure to stretch your pants to the max.

My hands would softly caress your thighs, as I take the top of your pants between my teeth, tugging gently until the top button pops open. My fingers would then manipulate your pants down a little while pushing your hard cock up until it peeks out at me from the top of your boxers! Hmmm.

Moving my hands up both sides of your boxers, I would pull them down, slightly, to reveal the head of your cock. I would then lean closer and lightly press my lips to the head, kissing it tenderly and feeling the heat rage within.

My hands would then slip your pants off and....

For the rest of the story, you need to message me! ;)


PS If Dave, John or Paul are reading this (you know who you are *embarrassed*) then I think I still owe you a blowjob from last week's party! I was pissed and out of it, sorry!

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