Hi, this is my Contact ME ad.

All I want is to have my Sugar Puffs while forming detailed mental images of sexual intercourse with a fit 20-year-old called Dave from Margate.

Seriously, I'm here for real sex contacts in the South East. Men ONLY PLEASE! I'm not gay or bi-sexual.

25 to 45 would be my ideal sex contact, but I'm open to offers from like-minded sex maniacs who think we could hit it off together. lol Regular or one off. Single, married or cheating discretion assured. BTW I'm not looking for romance or commitment, that's why we're both here, right!

Here's how I see things playing out with you, if we click.

With the help of some lube, in and up my arse you go... "fuck me harder" I moan, just as you're trying to be gentle and not go too hard or fast - but ever the one to please, you increase the pace and the depth.

Don't let my angelic looks fool you into thinking I am an innocent young virgin - although I can play that part if that's your thing!

With some deepthroat, anal penetration and a touch of spanking you'll think you're in heaven. Your balls deep up my arse, pounding away for all you're worth!

"I want to swallow your cum." It's not every day a girl says that to you is it?!!!!

I guarantee that within 10 seconds of me uttering those words, you'll be out of my arse, condom off and offering your erect cock to my willing open mouth.

You'll come with such an intensity that it will catch you by surprise! But not me. I'll clamp my lips around your cock, suck you dry and swallow all of your hot offering.

What do you say baby?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love and kisses
Pretty xxxxxx

PS I have some private show pics to share with you ;)

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Pretty, 21 from Berkshire | XXX Sex Contacts
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