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Username: yvonne
Age: 49
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Region: South East
County: Bedfordshire
Town / City: Luton


Yvonne, 49, Luton, Bedfordshire.

SEX COACHING I'm here to help you!

As well as being here for NSA fun, I also offer sex coaching sessions via text messaging. My sex coaching sessions are about taking the pressure off performance, learning new ways to pleasure a partner and how to relax into and enjoy the experience yourself.

These sessions are about creating a warm, connected, non-judgemental space where we both can feel free to explore one another and in the process discover more about ourselves.

My sex coaching can help in overcoming:
- Fear of intimacy
- Performance anxiety
- Guilt around sex
- Lack of confidence or low self esteem
- Dating/social skills how to talk to a woman
- Negative emotions experienced during sex
- Body image issues
- Embarrassment related to sex

Every sex coaching session is different depending on your personal circumstances. Usually we would start with an informal chat about what your issue is and what you want to improve about your sex life.

Welcome to my Sex Coaching Service

If you are tired of being dissatisfied with your sex life and are genuinely interested in my coaching contact me now.

Otherwise, why don't we explore some of our deepest darkest fantasies together?

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