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Username: ruby25
Age: 25
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Region: Scotland
County: City of Edinburgh
Town / City: Edinburgh


Hi guys, I'm Ruby from Edinburgh, the greatest festival city in the world and food lovers paradise!

I'm 25, 5'8" and have a body to die for... just look at my profile pic and tell me I'm wrong! lol

7 white-hot facts about me:
* Randy Ruby, as you're about to find out
* Come-to-bed eyes
* Black hair, and delicious lips, Ooh yeah babe
* Edinburgh (definitely classy, like me!)
* 25-years-old and fit, everywhere hehe
* Great boobs, sensitive nipples, and a nice tight pussy? Check
* Outdoor sex, kinky play and fetish fun? Check

Ruby xxx

PS Let's play. BUT please don't come on to me like an arrogant twat, it won't get you anywhere. And before you ask, NO I won't sleep with you just because it's what YOU want to do. Selfishness is the same as arrogance in my book! What can you offer me? haha

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