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Username: sara48
Age: 48
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Region: South East
County: Norfolk
Town / City: Norwich


We have not had the pleasure of getting to know each other yet, so please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Sara, I'm 48-years-old, 5'7" tall and from Norwich, Norfolk.

I am feminine, sensual and elegant. I have a sexy body with nice curves and firm breasts (D-cup). My skin is soft and perfumed.

I am a self-confessed exhibitionist and seductress. I'm a refined lady who loves to travel. I have some very revealing pics, taken in Rome, to share with you if that's okay with you?

I am here to explore mutual sexual fantasies with men who prefer older ladies. And, if you happen to be into exhibitionism and/or voyeurism, then so much the better! :-)

It's your turn! lol

Sara xxx

PS This is the only sex contacts website that I'm aware of that takes female safety seriously, and where men can contact real women in the UK. Now you know...

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