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Username: soph
Age: 42
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Region: Midlands
County: Warwickshire
Town / City: Royal Leamington Spa


I'm Sophie and before you ask, yes I'm married and yes my husband knows. Does he care? NO!

It all started a few years ago, I was once shy and not at all confident with my body, especially nudity. But then something happened in my personal life and I took the plunge. A well known UK lads mag was looking for 'housewives' to reveal themselves in a bit of a lads-mag sort of way. In sudden mental madness and with the encouragement of both a close friend and my husband, I thought 'what the hell' and made contact with the magazine. Within a few days a knock on the door, it was a photographer. OMG, what had I done. Anyhow....

This is a bit weird, I've never done anything like this before. He set my mind at ease and he started snapping away over a period of an hour or so and obviously gradually I was stripping off, then naked and the pictures got more and more explicit. WOW, I never, never thought I could do that! You know something? I really enjoyed it, so much so that here I am.

As you grow up, being naked can be a bit of a taboo, but I think its perfectly natural to share with others what really is natural, and that's been naked. God I love to see flesh! and I love to think I'm giving someone else pleasure by sharing my body too, why be so selfish and keep it all to yourself!

So that's how it happened for me, tell me about your sexual fantasies and let's see if I could fulfil them with you. Open-minded guys who are humble enough to admit their imperfections are good to me. No need to rub your ego, we're both here as equals.

Lets share the erotic pleasure we both have! strip, its great! let me see you, all of you!

I'm waiting for you, you naughty thing, you know it's in you, have confidence!


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