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Username: sophie26
Age: 26
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Region: Scotland
County: City of Edinburgh
Town / City: Edinburgh


Hello, I hope you are sitting comfortably as this may take a while. Only joking :-)

I think of myself as being pretty unique. I'm frequently told by people they have never met anyone quite like me! You will need to get to know me better to discover what they mean! lol

I'm outgoing (yes, I know, everyone says that!). Friendly (will chat to anyone). I speak as I find (occasionally a little more tact is required on my part, I recognise that I'm quite direct and that does not suit everyone!). Above all I'm very honest (not everyone appreciates how important honesty is these days).

Oh yes, I can park a car between two lines, and I guess you could say that I have quite a dry, off the wall, sense of humour. That's me, warts and all. lol

The other bit:
I'm Sophie, I'm 26-years-old, and I'm from Edinburgh. I have green eyes and blonde hair, I'm 5'6", and bra cup size D... anything more personal than that I shall reveal once we're in a private chat situation ;-

Can't wait :-)

Sophie XOXO

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