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Username: donna43
Age: 43
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Region: Scotland
County: City of Glasgow
Town / City: Glasgow



I will be as filthy as you want and gushing is how I will be when we are getting horny.

I am Mistress Donna, 43, from Glasgow, and I would love nothing more than to get you all whipped up into a frenzy and get your cock rock hard!

As you might expect, I cover all BDSM subjects and especially enjoy humiliation and feminisation. I am also the queen of role play and if you should be lucky enough to experience one of my sessions you'll be gagging to be back for more time and time again!

You will be unable to resist ME and I will have that cock of yours exploding like never before... cum denial and masturbation instruction are just two of my specialties!

Don't be too wimpish, contact ME NOW, you worthless piece of nothingness.

I will determine if you are worthy of my time and decide the direction of any session we may have.

Mistress Donna

PS Mistress does love to be kept entertained especially you guys with tiny little maggot cocks or when I am ordering you sissies to dress up just so I can laugh.

PPS Your job is to serve and amuse ME... do NOT refer to me as Donna, hun, babe or any such endearing term. I am Mistress Donna, Mistress or Miss.

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