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Username: verity28
Age: 28
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Region: North West
County: Greater Manchester
Town / City: Manchester


Stunning Verity (28) Manchester. Blue-eyed blonde, 5'10" tall with full and firm DD boobs and shaved pubes.

Nice of you to stop by, hope you say hi.

This is my little corner of the worldwide web. Hope what you see is enough to get your fingers working (on a message). You naughty boy, what did you think I meant?!!! hehe.

This is the bit where I'm supposed to tell you all about me. But hey, wouldn't that spoil the surprise?!

I'm here, so you know I'm real, over 18, in the UK, like sex and role play scenarios and that I want to here from potential playmates male or female ;)

There's something very exciting about being contacted by a complete stranger and getting all intimate and being able to text each other without anyone else knowing what we're doing. I like the thrill of it.

Is there anything I won't do with or to the right person, probably but I can't think of what it might be right now. It's pretty a blank canvass from my side, you paint the picture and I'll slot in and let's see what happens.

Basically I'm up for it and if you are then then we should not let the opportunity pass us by.

As you can see my profile, it means I'm available to chat to you right now. When I get your message - all that's needed is an icebreaker 'hi' I'll be straight back to you. My mobile is never more than 6 inches away, my favourite length ;)

Hopefully what you have between your legs will be the perfect match for what's between mine. Oh yes babe, is that you I can hear cumming ;)

Verity x

PS I have some secret kinks and fetishes that I have not revealed in my profile. Can you guess what they might be?

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