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Username: amanda25
Age: 25
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Region: South West & Wales
County: Wiltshire
Town / City: Chippenham


I love this site because it caters for young and old fantasies, such as young girls with mature men and vice versa.

Nitty gritty:

Grey eyes
Pornstar body

My particular fantasy is to hear from experienced mature men, 40 plus. I find boys my own age very immature, inexperienced, not worldly wise and too focussed on football, lads nights and downing pints, instead of getting excited about me and my body.

Young guys get more excited about how Chelsea (or whatever) did at the weekend and knocking back pints than knowing how to treat a girl like me.

OK, let's move on from that because you're not one of those are you?! lol

About me: My name is Amanda, I'm 25 and from Chippenham in Wiltshire. I have a pornstars body and a sex drive to match. I like dressing up, wearing sexy lingerie and am partial to kink and mild domination. Although I can take on either role in the D/s spectrum I am more naturally suited to the Domme side.

I am at an age of sexual experimentation and my body is a temple to be enjoyed. I classify myself as straight but it's fair to say that I am somewhat bi-curious so would welcome hearing from both men and women to see where things lead.

My personality is outgoing and I'm a fun person to be with, although I do attract a lot of attention (from both sexes) I wonder why! ;-)

If you are lonely, bored or stuck in a situation that has brought you here looking for release, then hopefully you like what you see and will flash me a quick message to get the ball rolling. It doesn't have to be your birthday before you can let loose and have some selfish fun you know. We only get one life, or so I believe, so let's not waste it ;-)

I might not be someone you would consider approaching in real life. Maybe you have hangs ups about approaching a gorgeous girl like me, or you're self-conscious about our age difference, or maybe you think I would be interested in you. That's where this website comes in... anything goes, or pretty much anything anyway.

Don't be shy, don't hold back and don't be a stranger... I'm here now and I DO want to hear from you.

If you are 40 or older, have a good sense of humour, a creative and adventurous mind when it comes to sex, then you are on my radar.

Whether you are single or attached, black or white, good looking or believe you aren't... know this. I am not a shallow superficial person. Experience, knowledge, trust, maturity, patience, open-mindedness and how two people 'click' are more important. Are you an interesting person?

Think about this.

If you were a girl like me, who would interest you most:

a) a good looking guy, but devoid of personality and no sense of humour (which is often the case, unfortunately); or

b) a less good looking guy who has an interesting story to tell (a been there done that kind of guy!), a guy that is articulate, has a brilliant sense of humour and has an unusual/powerful job?

I would go with 'b' every time.

I'll let you into a little secret. All, if not most Women are attracted to powerful guys, guys who have a great sense of humour and can hold a conversation.

Amanda xxx

PS No pressure! lol

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