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Username: mae57
Region: South West & WalesSouth West & Wales
County: South Glamorgan
Town / City: Cardiff / Caerdydd
Age: 57
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I'm Mae, 57, from Cardiff, a pretty dinky city by the sea!

In just 30 minutes I can be in the middle of the Brecon Beacons! I'm only 40 miles from Bristol and just 150 miles from London which is great if I fancy a big night out or a weekend away! :)

Cardiff itself is compact and bijou just how I like it. I can literally cycle from one side of Cardiff to the other in about 15 minutes... yes, I enjoy riding, and that goes for both bikes and men! :)

• My name is Mae and I'm a 57-year-old single granny from Cardiff

• I'm a brunette with brown eyes. I am 5'5", I used to be 5'6"! lol don't know what happened there!

• I guess I have a dry sense of humour and, as we're being honest with each other here, I should tell you that I am far kinkier than the 'average' granny you might come across every day :)

• Sticking to the honesty theme, my boobs are 36C and all natural... but, they have decided to go on a little trek southward! I suspect it's a combination of my age (muscle sag), having had babies (pulling and sucking on my boobies) and having spent a lot of my life going without a bra (but I don't regret any of it).

• I know that just about all men seem to fall into three groups when it comes to pubic hair appearance (don't ask me how I know this! lol). One group of men are hairy lovers who prefer the natural look - sorry, that's not me! The second group of men, hold a fascination for the smooth, fully shaved, prepubescent look - that's not me either, sorry! The third group of men (and best group! lol) prefer a neatly trimmed pussy, not too hairy but not completely bald either - woohoo, I tick that box ;)

• I like sex (most of it anyway) including kink/fetish and mild domination is not off the table as long as it is between consenting adults. I know the D/s spectrum is wide but for me, it has to be of the 'mild' variety. I would say that I fall on the submissive side because I prefer a man to take control of the session.

Gosh, I have gone on a bit haven't I?! Still, I suppose if you've made it this far, then I would guess we have a lot in common!

I'm Mae and this is me. Please get in touch and let's play...

Mae xxx

PS My safety and your privacy are both important to me.

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