Buxton BBW, Mature, Milf.

Hello and welcome to my profile!

Without any more a do, let's get the ball rolling. I would describe myself as a mature BBW milf. I am attractive (to those who prefer a mature woman who is carrying a few extra pounds!).

I'm sensual, tactile and broad-minded and enjoy engaging in no strings, no commitment adult fun. If you're here for the same, then we may be a good match for each other.

If you do choose me to be your sex contact here, I will treat you as I expect to be treated and that is WITH RESPECT AND DISCRETION.

About me IRL: I have a vivacious and playful personality and find it very easy to strike up friendships. I like wearing stockings and exclusive lingerie. Those who know me would describe me as a relaxed and fun person.

Despite me being a slighter larger than average lady, I am extremely flexible and can be bent and twisted into many positions! ;)

As far as being here is concerned, I'm happy to go with the flow and whatever turns you on so lets just be naughty, get to know each other better and see where things may lead.

But before anything can happen, you need to message me first!


PS I love giving a blowjob when I'm in the mood (which is pretty much anytime!). I have no idea why but there are some days when I'm actually craving the feel of cock in my mouth and I basically need to find a guy to let me suck him off. I think it's partially to do with a cock's scent but also probably to do with the fact that I've watched an insane amount of porn. lol

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