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Username: buffy
Age: 20
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Region: London
County: Greater London
Town / City: Clapham


Hi guys, my name's Buffy and I've been trying to get on this site for ages! Fingers crossed you message me!

The rules say I have to post a profile pic that will 'grab' your attention, it must be of 'high quality' (as must all my 'Private Show' pics) and must not be sexually explicit, because this site does not allow such pics in public viewing areas! Then I have to write a description which WILL attract the kind of person I would like to hear from.

OK, here goes, I'll paint a picture for you.

Our first sensual massage. From the moment I drizzle the first drops of warm oil on your back you'll know it's going to be special.

The room is lit with candles and there's relaxing music playing. I use my expert hands and fingers on your back, legs and behind, and use my entire naked body to slide onto yours, my leg in between your bum cheeks, my fingertips running up and down your sides. You have never been so aroused and relaxed all at the same time!

After half an hour I turn you over and begin to gently slide my beautiful boobs and tummy along the full length of your body and the shaft of your hard cock. I touch you in so many ways and places. But the highlight will be feeling my trim pussy tickling your legs, and sitting astride you with my pussy lips on your cock while I use my fingertips to excite you further.

You lightly kiss and lick my boobs. But the focus is really on what I am doing for you!

Over time I gradually concentrate my attention on your stiff cock, gently stroking you and building up to a firm grip while wanking you off.

You hold on for as long as you can until I make you cum in a way you never have before. It will be like you having two orgasms, first with a small amount of cum and a shivering pulse through your whole body. Then about 30 seconds later you cum again, this time shooting an intense, hot spurt over my magical hand.

Such is the pleasure that you will keep reliving it in your imagination.

Have I hit the spot for you?

I hope so. Txt me.

Love Buffy x

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