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Username: charlotte23
Age: 23
Pic Swaps:
Region: Yorkshire & North East
County: Tyne and Wear
Town / City: Sunderland


I have been here a little while and I have sussed the place out and I like what I see. People come to this site to have fun, there seem to be very few "keyboard warriors", which is refreshing.

So about me:

I'm Charlotte, and yes that is my real name. I'm from Sunderland, have green eyes, blonde hair, and large natural breasts. I'm 5'4" and as hot as you want me to be.

I swing between being dominant to a submissive. I like being versatile, though swing more towards being dominant. I love being fucked in my ass, I have some of my wildest, multiple orgasms that way.

I love rimming, male or female, and I love ass to mouth.
If I am with another female I will willingly eat pussy. I have sucked-off more than my fair share of guys too!

My interest's sum me up, I don't really like to be pigeonholed. I will pretty much adapt to whatever situation is presented and do my best to please whoever I am with. After all, isn't that what sex is all about, all fun without guilt? ;-)

Can't wait to hear from you.

Love Charlotte

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