Hello, and thanks for checking me out. I hope we can get it on!

Well, I guess you're on the search for someone cuddly with big boobs and that's why you're looking at me! lol

I'm a mature and experienced Brummie, so how about I full-on French kiss while you feel my tits? Then, maintaining eye contact, I drop your trousers then drop to my knees and take your big hard cock into my mouth! Sound OK so far?

Have you ever had your balls 'professionally' licked?
It's an exquisite feeling, or so I'm told! :)

I could swap between licking your balls and sucking your cock until you have to stop me! Then off with your clothes and out would pop my boobies for you to suck and play with. Hmmmm, baby I'm getting very wet and swollen just thinking about it!

You put a finger into my pussy and try a second, but you cant get it in because I am too tight! But, after a minute I slacken off and you get the second finger in and slowly finger me gradually building up and getting faster and deeper.

I should say that I can be incredibly vocal, so I hope there's some good soundproofing in the room!

As you finger me, I get more intense until I cum and squirt on your hand!

I'll take all your big cock into my hungry mouth and it wont be long before you'll feel you're cumming, but I'll keep going until you cum in my mouth. I'll then look up at you, show you what I've got and then swallow the lot! Hmmmmmm.

We could then lay there stroking and chatting for a while, to give you chance to recover for round two!

I'd put a condom on you, rolling it down with my mouth, and ask how you want me. You will be so turned on that you will explode with cum. I'd then pull you into me and hug you until you finish bucking and then clean you up. :)

You end up a happy man with a Cheshire cat grin all the way home.


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