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Finally got on here!

You're looking at my profile so I imagine there's something that's tickled your fancy about me ;-)

Me: My name's Fay, I'm 51 (just!) but don't feel it. I am what you would call a sexually experienced mature women and I'm here to have fun. Absolutely nothing serious and no pressure, if you message me and we get on that would be great but if not that's OK too. If you don't try you don't find out. That's my view of life also!

IRL I love sex (or I wouldn't be on here) in all its forms, from vanilla sex to the more adventurous things. I have tried anal and found it to be a bit scary to be perfectly honest with you, my partner at the time love it. It was my first time and I don't think I was as relaxed as I needed to be.

I have been part of a threesome on a couple of occasions MMF as a past partner of mine was quite heavily into the swinging scene. I have also been dogging a few times and found it a real thrill although I didn't think I would at the time. The people I met were all great and sucking on three different guys cocks one after another was, shall we say, a departure from the norm for me. I was playing with two cocks while this random guy was licking me 'down there'.

I don't take life too seriously, what's the point?! Have fun I say. We're all only here once and not for long either.

I hope to here from respectful men who like me don't want any commitment. This is all about getting to know each other to see how well we get on and then take things up a level to see where it goes.

I have tried other sites but none offer the feeling of safety this one does. I have had some very bad experiences online and come across more than my fair share of nutters in the past so I have very high expectations here having been told that the men that use this site are genuine.

If you are a decent guy and genuine about wanting to have some fun here without any nonsense I would be excited to hear from you.

Please message me if I seem like your type. Your age and marital status does not matter to me although I prefer men who are 30 plus. Sorry to all you younger guys, but I have not found anyone under 30 who can float my boat... as yet!

I'm willing to give this a go if you are?

Fay xxx

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