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Username: liz48
Age: 48
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Region: Scotland
County: City of Glasgow
Town / City: Glasgow



I'm Liz, a 48 year-old Glasgow slut with 36DD tits. I'm 5'7", have the sexiest legs ever, shoulder length red hair and grey eyes, I'm ultra-sexy, really sensual, amazingly good fun, and very easy going. How do I sound so far?

I'm totally open-minded and over-sexed... one man could never satisfy me fully, or at least, I've not met him, yet! :-)


My fantasies revolve around kinky roleplay, sexual fetish fantasies, and taboo sex [but nothing illegal]. I believe in an individual's right to engage in any kind of safe sex they want, as long as it's between consenting adults.

It goes without saying that a person's sexual boundaries must always be respected, nothing too pushy, pressured or forced... remembering that no means no.

I will never push you beyond a point you feel comfortable.

My need to feel safe here is paramount, as is establishing trust between us and of course discretion is always required.

I'm available today for a one-off session, or let's get to know each other better and turn it into something more regular if that's what you want? :-)

I welcome approaches from genuine men - NOT immature young guys or time wasters. Like you, I hope, I am not here to play silly mind games.

If you are male, over 40 and in the UK and here for the same reason as me, then let's do this and see how things work out.

I don't know you and you don't know me and the way this works means we can be whoever we want to be so whether you are turned on by having a bitch boss, super sexy secretary or saucy night nurse, I'm your girl.

Over to you,
Love Liz xxx

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