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Username: kelly40
Age: 40
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Region: South West & Wales
County: Somerset
Town / City: Weston-Super-Mare


Confident, Experienced...

I am Kelly, a 40 yr old experienced and confident classy/sassy gal from Weston-Super-Mare with lots of spunk.

My boobs are 36DDs, my height is 5'8" in my stocking feet, and my family is of English/Irish descent.

About me:
Professionally, I have an entrepreneurial spirit with the love of building long-term relationships. I have a tendency to joke or be funny with a touch of sarcasm (that's just my humour style). However, I am an active listener and can pick up on the times that call for quiet, yet powerful moments.

Usually, I am eager to find out about others and what I can learn. I get great satisfaction when making a difference in people's lives.

If I have free information that helped me somehow I usually pass it along to anyone who may be interested.

I am non-judgemental and unbiased to age, (legal age of course), race, gender, religion, or marital status without any bias or discrimination.

I love to meet all types of people in life. My personality may take on different roles depending on what I have learned about someone from asking questions about their likes and dislikes.

You are welcome to ask me anything, you will never have to guess or assume anything about me, I pride myself on being direct and honest.

If you are more of the submissive type, (which there are varying degrees) you will meet the more dominant, bossy Kelly. Never be afraid to ask about learning new things about me, I am approachable and consider myself to very laid-back.

You will find that once you contact me, you will have the sense that you have gained a lifelong friend. Hopefully, one that will positively impact your life!

Please text me for a quick response.

Kisses xoxo

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