It's been over six weeks since I had penetrative sex with my husband, if it was up to me we'd be doing it every day!

My libido has always been considerably higher than his, but it has become more of an issue lately and is now the greatest cause of friction and arguments between us.

He turns me down four or five times a week because he says he's permanently worn out from work! I see sex, any sex as the perfect antidote to stress, the opposite is true for him.

What annoys him is that when we do make love I really enjoy it and my mood improves, so I can't understand why he doesn't want to have sex with me more. Is he cheating on me? Well it has often run through my mind that he might be.

I've never gone as far as tapping my watch and telling him we need to go and have sex, but I do try to orchestrate it. Sexy lingerie is in the mix and I'm pretty open to performing the kind of sex acts that I think must men would jump at, such as oral sex, which I love. I would even be open to anal sex, but I know my husband would never be interested in pushing his cock in that particular hole of mine!

When we first got together, in May 2004, we used to have sex three or four times a week -- which suited him, though I would have liked to have sex every night.

Sex for me is great, but rare!

I love my husband and would never do anything to jeopardise our marriage, we have two young children, which is why I need to be extra-careful not to let him find out I am on this site chatting with you and engaging in explicit text sex.

Although I'd like to think it would be possible to have sex every day, I realise that's an unrealistic expectation. A couple of times a week would be great compared to the reality of having sex once or twice a month, if I'm lucky!

When he turns me down it frustrates me because I love sex with my husband and I have a physical urge that I can't just switch off.

I try to accept that it's not just about me, but what annoys me the most is that he will spend hours on his computer having told me he's too tired for sex!

For my part, I can't think of a time when I'd choose doing something else over having sex.

My story might hit a cord with you, as there must be lots of men who are in marriages they don't want to break up, yet are left frustrated because their wives don't give them the sex they need.

If you're in a similar position to me, then I can fully appreciate your frustration.

Why not send me a message and let's see if we can help to relieve each others frustrations! ;)

Discretion is assured and expected in return.

Thanks for reading.

Oxford Girl x

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