Asian fetish

Q: Are Asian women tighter 'down there' than white women? Many men believe they are. But what's the truth? We'll tell you...


OK, so you have an Asian fetish? A desire for Asian women? You might just be surprised by what you read on this page!


You're here, so we're guessing that you have an Asian fetish or at least are Asian curious. You may have heard that Asian women have very tight pussies or you could be drawn by a fascination to find out more about 'yellow fever'. Well whatever brought you here, we hope that you find what you are about read enlightening.

We asked hundreds of men, all who have had sex with Asian women, to spill the beans on what's true and what's myth. Read on to discover what they told us.

I had sex with an Asian girl and made her cum, but not like anything I had ever experienced before. When she climaxed her pussy contracted SO HARD around my cock that I thought it was in a VICE! What happed next? I fell in love with her, she got pregnant and the rest, as they say, is history! Simon, London

There's plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the notion that Asian women race-mix far more than white women, and that Asian women prefer white men. Good news so far!

Since you're here, we have to ask the question. Do you have Yellow Fever? And no, we're not talking about yellow fever the disease. But rather the obsession for Asian women. If so, then you have 'Yellow Fever'.

Let us proceed on the basis that you are prone to fantasise about Asian women.

I love Asian girls and a lot. I love their deliciously tasting tight pussies even more. I can only imagine how challenging it would be to drill one up the arse.

I've dated a few Asian girls and hinted that anal would be good but none went with it. Maybe after a couple of glasses of wine I might be able to change their minds. My 8" drill is pulsating right now at the mere thought of hammering one of those beauties up her poop shoot. Fuck yes. Tim, Birmingham

Where did your fetish (or fascination) for Asain women come from?

Whatever your answer, the fact is that Asian women are hyper-sexualised and tend to fit into one of two stereo-typical images in the West. That of being docile and submissive or being dangerous and seductive! In other words, British men with yellow fever tend to regard Asian women as being either a submissive 'Lotus Blossom' or an Evil 'Dragon Lady'.

Had two Asian girls and they were both far more concerned about my enjoyment than any British girls I've ever had. I found them petite but not as tight as I was hoping for. Then again, I only have a very small dick. lol Dan, Birmingham

Male fantasises revolve around Asian woman being 'a person to serve men sexually' and, therefore, Asian women are seen as feminine and heterosexual and either submissive or highly sexed nymphomaniacs.

Oriental, East Asian women are viewed as exotic, attractive and desirable, defined by their jet black hair, dark almond eyes and petite figures. They are the human equivalent of a porcelain vase, decorative and fragile.

I had sex with an Asian girl recently who was no virgin, yet I found her cunt extremely tight. I had a difficult time trying to get my cock into her pussy, but when it finally went in it was so tight that having vaginal intercourse with her was really incredible. Perfectly snug! Graham, Bradford

They are transformed into passive sex objects whom men see as weak, submissive, dainty, delicate, and small. This is evident in the daily ways that men perceive sex with Asian women. There's a scene in 'Wedding Crashers' where Vince Vaughn screams, 'That was my first Asian! A line often used in real life.

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Stereo-typically these women are percieved as submissive, hyper-sexual and as having ultra-tight vaginas.

I have had sex with more than 20 different Asian women and I can tell you that they ARE tighter than most other women. That is not to say that other women are not tight, by keeping in shape women can stay tight, but that the Asian woman is simply designed to be tight. My tightest fuck of all was with a Chinese woman. Simon, London

If you want to sum it up, you could say that Asian women give men everything they could ask for. It is really that simple. Every man has a perfect picture in mind when he thinks about his dream girl. Every man has a list of things that his future girlfriend must have and should have, in addition to a few nice-to-haves.

Although all men have diverse likes, viewpoints and ideals, there are generally qualities in women that all men value. Physical beauty and emotional tenderness are only two examples. When you combine all the individual physical, mental, emotional and intellectual characteristics of Asian women, you will get a full package that matches with the ideal image of 99% of men in the UK.

One of the most common negative stereotypes of British men, is that of the evil white male who wants to 'use us' as a submissive slave for his bedroom. I don't know where the submissive stereotype of Asian women came from; maybe it's based on the fact that we Asian girls are tiny and look weak. Lanlan, 25, Birmingham

You can bet that being loud, aggressive and always complaining are not part of a man's ideal image of a woman. When we talk about all the individual characteristics that make dating women from Asia such a pleasurable and fulfilling experiences, you will find that the personalities and the values of those girls are extremely appealing.

In the event Asian women are the last girls on the planet that you would want to date, and if you see, as a negative, the fact that Asian women make perfect girlfriends who take care of their partners, you should shoot us an email. Give us the chance to ask you if you've lost your sanity!

I have only ever shagged two Asian girls. One was a Chinese girl who was average tightness compared to white girls. The other was an Asian prostitute and her pussy was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. On the question of are Asian girls tighter than white girls? I need to fuck a few more Asians to establish the truth about whether they are generally tighter 'down there' than white girls. But don't worry, I'm up for the challenge. Steve, Southall

Back on point: Why do white men like Asian women?

of East Asian women from China, Japan and Korea and South East Asian women from Vietnam and Thailand.

Asian women aren't weighed down with the awkward post-Puritan way of thinking of the West, so they have fewer hang-ups about sex and kinky sex in particular. They also appreciate that bedroom activities aren't meant to be discussed in public.

Isn't it ironic that we men are labelled as liberal-minded, tolerant and progressive, when we say we're attracted to women of different races that aren't that popular on dating sites, but we are automatically creepy perverts with psychological issues when we say we're attracted to Asian girls? Sorry, I just don't get it. Roy, Midlands

Paradoxically, the satisfaction from open sex comes from being forced to learn how to relax. It's all psychological. Cultures that understand meditation just seem to 'get it'. They can even get-off from having a scalp massage would you believe?

Mismatched sexuality just may be nature's way of keeping dissimilar cultures different!

ANAL PLAY: Not all men need to be kinky to enjoy sexual satisfaction or to get their cocks hard. Some men like a blowjob (BJ) without having their anuses probed because they simply find that a big turn-off. Some men enjoy sex more by not engaging in activities that involve fiddling with the hole where their shit comes out.

Indeed. My GF is Asian and I have to apply copious amounts of vaseline to my cock before I can drive it home. Sometimes her pussy is so tight I feel like I need to take a run at her slit, from the other side of the room to get my rock hard cock embedded into her honey pot. Johnno, Harrow

Exploring the sexual preference some men have for Asian women and Asian women alone. The 'other' yellow fever. Why are some men exclusively attracted to Asian women?

The fact that most Asian women are extremely beautiful only explains a part of the attraction for those girls. In the following paragraphs we will try to put up a number of ideas that support the fact that Asian girls are definitely in great demand.

Asian girls values, their personality and the way they treat their partners makes it impossible to not fall for them.

I had sex with an Asian girl and made her cum, but not like anything I had ever experienced before. When she climaxed her pussy contracted SO HARD around my cock that I thought it was in a VICE! What happed next? I fell in love with her, she got pregnant and the rest, as they say, is history! Simon, London

Their feminine features: Asian girls can be unbelievably beautiful, and men are intuitively attracted to good-looking women. However, the way God, Mother Nature or the holy Buddha made them is not the only reason why red-blooded men can't stop looking at and wanting them.

It's not all about their beauty either. It's also about what they do with it. Asian girls know how to make the most of their feminine charm and appeal and how to turn a man's head. They don't just rely on their bodily characteristics, either. They put their ideal bodies in fine-looking dresses, they walk in a graceful way and even when they speak they are careful to appear feminine. The way they dress, the way they walk, the way they talk and the way they behave are all part of the full package that blows men away.

Yes, in my experience they tend to have rather tight pussies. My new GF is half Asian and she is tighter, much tighter, then any of the white girls I've had. It's actually a problem if you're well endowed like me. But I will never go back to a white girl, if you find a good Asian you should hang on to her. Tony, Birmingham


Asian women are stunning and they know how to exploit their God given looks to make themselves even more striking. There are plenty of white British males who become aroused by simply looking at these women.

Another reason why many men lust after Asian girls has nothing to do with their appearance. Actually, this reason has nothing to do with the fact that they are Asian either. It is because Asian girls are not white. Latin women and African women can have the same effect on men. Men may be attracted to women who are similar to themselves culturally, but are magically drawn towards women who they perceive as being fresher and more exotic.


If you are only interested in having short-term sexual affairs with random girls, you probably won't care about the fact that Asian women have strong family values and don't regard settling down as a burden, once you're tired of drinking and fucking around that is!

My girlfriend is Asian and she is the most wonderful girl I have ever met. Question answered? Garath, Bradford

With Asian girls, it's incredibly easy for a sexual encounter to develop into a long-term relationship. This is because an Asian woman can be the perfect girl to end up in a long-term relationship with.

Asian women have the incredible talent to make settling down seem worthwhile. The question is: How do they do that? Asian girls have something men are yearning for, and it has nothing to do with weird stereotypes or some kinky sexual fantasy. Asian girls all have one thing in common. They are all far more 'feminine' then their western counterparts. The march of feminism in the West is literally pushing men away.

BTW. Asian girls believe sex with white guys is the best sex. They believe they will be able to live-out their fantasies and desires.

I'm 24 and absolutely love women from Asian countries. Yes, I admit it, even though I get loads of hassle and shit from my family whenever I mention it, for some reason. Bryan, London

Ever heard of yellow fever? No, not the disease you can pick up when travelling to certain countries. We're talking about when white men develop an acute sexual preference for Asian women, even becoming a fetish for some.

Unsurprisingly, there are websites claiming they can help men to contact Asian woman. Many of which, unfortunately, are just eleborate scams to con men out of money.

Some recent figures, from millions of Facebook dating apps, show a clear skew by men in favour of women of East Asian origin by men of all racial groups, apart from, paradoxically, Asian men!

From all the men I've evger talked to about this subject, I've only met a handful of guys who were not attracted to Asian women. Nearly every guy has been infected with the yellow fever. Even though I personally don't like this expression, because it implicates that being attracted to Asian women is a sickness or some kind of perverse fetish. Which it's not. Jockey, Glasgow

Being in a physical relationship with an Asian girl will quickly show you what great sex really is. What's more, you will forget about past relationships with white British girls which, if you're like most guys, would have been dominated by never-ending arguments about stupid things that nobody really cared about.

When you're with an Asian women, you'll forget that your previous relationships were based on past partners' needs - that previous girlfriends always had to have the last word, and fight for the throne with the inscription: 'here sits the one who is in charge'.

Once in a relationship with an Asian beauty, you'll quickly realise that it IS possible to have a happy relationship with a woman, without having to play silly power games. You will have a partner who supports you, takes care of you and respects you. And it will change your view on many things, both in and out of the bedroom!

I don't have any weird fetishes and I've never had to pay for sex, ever. I don't have any emotional issues which make me discriminate against women of any nationality, race, colour or culture. Yet, I'm still massively hooked on Asian women. The more Asian girls I've dated, the more I realised there are quite a few logical reasons why I prefer them! Noel, Manchester

We have a particular delight for you. Everyone loves hot sex. Well if you're here you do, right? If you don't, then you've probably never had good sex, or you've got an unresolved psychological issues. No offense, but sex is one of our primary drivers.

On a deep down level, we all crave it. Having good sex, on the other hand, can be a challenge.

For men, sex can be difficult to get. Even for those who have a steady girlfriend. For those who don't have a girlfriend, it can be a real challenge to find a girl who is willing to sleep with them. Whilst men with girlfriends, can often encounter the 'not tonight' phenomenon. For others, they simply can't get the type of sex they really want to have.

Dated an Asian girl for a while. Finally got her to spend the night. We start getting to it, and I started to undress her. Felt awkward because she wasn't cooperating at all, not even lifting an arm! I got frustrated and annoyed, because it felt like I was raping her. Asked if she was OK and she said yes, so I carried on.

Fucked her, then we went to sleep. The next morning we had sex again and she goes down own me. I burst, she swallowed and I made her breakfast. We had breakfast, she left and I've never seen her again since. Nick, Midlands

There are solutions to all these very real problems. Below we've put together some of our top suggestions on the best ways to make sex happen, keep it happening, and make sure that sex is explosively good both for you and your partner. Let's get started.

7 Ways to have more sex with Asian Women
housands of men are having more hot sex with Asian women right now.

1. Get blown or blown out
Countless men would rather have 'enjoyable relations' that go nowhere, than go after what they really want from women. Tip: Don't ever wallow in your own desperation, ever.

Better to fail in a blaze of glory, than to plod on in mediocrity and discontentment. For every woman who won't give you what you're looking for, there are plenty who will. Make sure you know which is which by getting 'blown or blown out'.

Got sucked off by an Asian co-worker after drinks. She was pretty cute and has big knockers. She took me in her car back to my mine. As I opened the door to get out, she asked for a hug. I said 'only if you pull out your tits'. So she does, and they're not half bad and I get a hug with lots of side-boob action. Then she asks for a kiss. Being a cheeky cunt, I said 'okay' and unzipped my pants. She leaned in so I pulled out my cock and she swallowed it up. Fantastic blow job. JIM, Leicester

2. You're doing dates wrong (time to fix them)
If you're like most men, you've learned that you should make an impression on the girl by wining and dining her at fancy places. Or maybe you think that dinner and a film is the way to build a romantic relationship. Either way, you're really making it a lot harder on yourself to be successful with women. How do you think those kind of dates are hurting your chances of getting laid?

You need to learn how dates fit into a social-script that's putting the brakes on sex for you, while other men manage to have the exact same women jumping into bed with them on the first date, whilst you're getting nowhere after multiple dates! You need to work out a new mindset that will help to create dates that get beautiful Asian women into your bed, yes?

One Chinese girl, one half Chinese half Cambodian girl and two Filipino girls. Of the four, the Filipino girls were the BEST. The first Filipino was 10/10 without makeup, perfect body and bouncy tits and she squirted. She swallowed all my cum and had a clit piercing, my best sex was with her.

She was ALWAYS wanted to suck my cock and was a BJ expert. She yelled a lot during sex and was very easy to please. Too bad she ended up being completely crazy. Hell, I sure miss those days! GARRY, Midlands

3. Turn her into a Porn Star
It's astonishing how little most men do in the bedroom. What they don't realise is that they're shooting themselves in the foot. They don't realise that pleasing their woman in the bedroom will open up the doors to all of their wildest sexual fantasies, whatever those might be.

Women can be quite open to exploring their sexuality. And often the most mild-mannered girls have the most active imaginations. Take the first step in creating an amazing sex life that gets more exciting over time, and keeps your woman (or women) coming back for more. You need to be more active and more sexually creative with her.

4. Give her powerful sexual experiences
Focus on female desire. Turn your woman into a wanton sex fanatic. Don't just think about yourself and what you want. Talk to her, find out what she likes and when you discover that, do more of it. Not only will your woman want to keep coming back for more, she'll be far more aroused and eager to please you too.

Been with a fair few Asians of different flavours. Only one screamer though and she was Japanese. The others were mostly Chinese and South East Asian. They were not screamers and varied in relation to sexual preferences, tightness, grooming and odour pretty much as white girls. ROGER, Leicestershire

5. Give her powerful orgasms
Orgasm mastery is your first stop on the road to giving your girl sheet-drenching orgasms. Women have far more sexual capacity than you could ever imagine and unleashing it is both an art and a science. First learn the basics and then take it up from there.

6. Get into the groove
Who says white men can't dance? Getting into a great rhythm and exercising control is the secret to having great sexual adventures. It's the relationship between being able to groove down-under and get girls going wild.

7. Dominate her
Sadly for your girl, western culture sees things like smacking and using degrading names as being totally taboo. But your woman might just be secretly craving it.

I had sex with a Vietnamese MILF last year who was a self-proclaimed sex nut, but I wore her ass out every time. Haha. She was one crazy fucked up girl for sure. Think she had a few issues, so I'm guessing she was looking for some attention. Also, she freaked out when she climaxed and I remember she didn't like to be touched, but I would flip her over and finish off. Dave, London

I had an Asian girl who could squeeze my cock with her fanny, it was a kind of soothing clenching feeling; she had great tits and she swallowed. She gave me a full body-to-body massage post coitus. She fell in love, I didn't. Good thing I lived six hours away! Fish, London

I've had four Asian girls, and what I'd say is: they were always super wet, all had nice firm tits and tight asses, but all gave piss poor blowjobs. The one who was Japanese screamed like a half-crazed banshee but would cum really easy. Craig, Bradford

About half the girls I've dated were Asian and they were great fucks. VERY tight vaginas and swollen pussy lips when they get aroused. They were all about pleasing me. They can become emotionally attached after sex and that can be a bit of a problem. Jack, Southall

Had a threesome with two Asian girls. One was as tight as Fort Knox the other was loosely goosey duck sauce. Loved it though. Richie, North West

Dated a Japanese chick who LOVED to give head and would swallow every time. She was a major nympho who was into golden showers and begged me to piss on her, which I was only too pleased to do. Melvin, Berkshire

Had a Taiwanese GF who I nicknamed 'flounder' because she was like a dead fish in bed. She would always ask to be banged really hard though. Only lasted a week because she had no personality, at all. Kev, Coventry

Had a Thai girl at Uni, but she didn't scream like the Japanese porn girls do. She was up for everything though as I recall. Quite a few years ago now. Kev, Coventry

Really, the only regular occurrences are black hair and more often than not a slim body with well-shaped tits. I've never had a saggy Asian. The fattest Asian I've had would have been considered slim for a white girl! Seen more fat on a chip. Paul, Northampton

Last GF was half Korean half Russian. Her vagina was pretty damn tight... but not as tight after I'd finished with her. Frankie, Newcastle

I've been with two, and then hooked up with another. Two were trimmed; one was mega hairy and crapped the fuck out of me. Dave, Edinburgh

The only girls that have actually swallowed my cum. Weren't as tight as I was expecting, but it was probably because they just got around a lot! lol Dan, Sheffield

I agree with most of what's been said. They're usually amazing lays, have soaking wet vaginas and love a white medium sized penis inside their pussy. One nearly ripped my dick off with a hand job, but her puss puss was pretty decent. Nige, London

Asian Girls

We're pretty sure there's solid data somewhere which will confirm that Asian women respond extremely favourably to messages they receive from British men!

It is said that Asian girls are magnetically drawn in by the anus region with a force matched only by gay homosexuals. Any Asian women out there in our reading audience, man or woman, who can add their nuance, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Physiological normalities mean Asian girls are attractive, sexy, firm and tight.

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