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Username: bryna
Age: 38
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Region: North West
County: Lancashire
Town / City: Preston


Hi, my name's Bryna, 38 from Preston. I'm a flirty, friendly, big tit BBW with a penchant for tit wanks! Interested in contacting me? ;)

What turns me on. TIT WANKS! Toys, smothering, oral sex, anal play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, double penetration, deep penetration, role play, doggy style sex, name it I love it!

Hope you like what you see, if so please drop me a message and take it from there.

Bryna xxx

PS I love the power giving a blowjob gives me. There's something that seems so submissive about it, but in truth, I'm the one in control of your enjoyment (give or take some hair pulling). There's always a very explicit sigh I get about 10 seconds in where I can tell my man has relaxed and is in full on delight mode and it's all because of me. That is such a good feeling. God, I love blowjobs.

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