Hi, my name is Ellie, 22, from Macclesfield, or Macc as it's known locally, which is in Cheshire. I'm not that far from Manchester, which has considerably more going on than my sleepy home market-town!

Let me kicks things off. I love reading comments about what you would like to do to me, and how you'd like to use me and expose me. Oh yes!

I'm most definitely open to all and everything (well just about everything). Okay, let's flip this to be about you.

When I say broad-minded, how about this for a scenario?

You: Gender fluid, though you view yourself more often as a girl with a dick. You are likely to be fascinated with what I would best describe as consensual mind-play, where a transformation/behavior modification happens through persuasion rather than force.

The subjugation is willing, though begrudgingly, chosen. You will find this is best exemplified in feminisation or sissification role-play scenarios. See what I mean?

I'm new here, so not really sure what will happen. I guess we'll just see where it goes.

Please message me and let's play so I won't regret posting this ad!

Whatever you're thinking, I'm probably already there! ;-)

Ellie x

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