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Username: hailee
Age: 42
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Region: Yorkshire & North East
County: South Yorkshire
Town / City: Sheffield



You straight? Need your cock sucked? I could be your gal! Let's have a good fucking time ;) yes i'll be your sex bitch!

Here's my 10 step cock rape:
1) Semi flaccid cock, on the turn, pre cum start.

2) Edged cock, still semi flaccid, pre cum droplets with blue balls.

3) Warm hanging cum filled balls, the more they hang the better! Ready to provide BIG load for me!

4) Cock fully hard, dripping precum, rubbing cock head on clit, occasional slip into labia majora, only cock head thou!

5) Vaginal penetration denial, forced cunnilingus.

6) Anal licking and deep vaginal tonguing.

7) Labia clam majora separation, clit and inner labia sucking causing swelling to vulva ready to accept cock later.

8) Balls squeezing/tugging, more precum

9) Clit stimulation, tongue under clit hood until full strength orgasm.

10) Handjob, restricted to cock head gland only whilst shaft kept taught. massaged until cock head will take no more! Wet pussy ready for cock and fucked hard, withdrawal before cum. finished with deep throat and warm cum to back of throat! Cock urethra milked avoiding cum wastage, cock licked clean with attention to cock gland and foreskin, cleansing dick of cum and pussy juice ready for next cock raping later!

Like that would you? I bet you fucking would you pervert! I Fucking do it ALL! Get in touch soon and lets rape your dick together! Photos at each stage would be sweet! ;)

Hailee x

Sheffield South Yorkshire

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