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Username: hope44
Age: 44
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Region: South East
County: Hampshire
Town / City: Southampton


and what a fantastic adventure it will be.

Welcome to my world where Narnia meets Wonderland.

I am a 5ft 7inch Blonde, British Erotic Arts Temptress, Tantric Domina and Kinkster.

Let your erotic mind probe into your innermost desires and what you thought was not possible could become a reality here.

Let us discover together; let your mind run wild while we explore your deepest desires and search your erotic intentions.

Take a deep breath.

Are you ready? Really ready to see where our mission may take us?

What drives your dark hidden desires?

By removing the fear and embarrassment brought about by social conditioning around sexual desires, it allows us to celebrate our sexuality and welcome a new sense of liberty and sexual discovery.

I have a craze for kink and BDSM and will work with you to help overcome years of social conditioning to enable and allow you to explore more of your desires.

Allow me to take-away the need to suppress your desires, fetishes, and kink.

By allowing them to be brought out into the open in a safe and controlled way, allows us to expand into our desires. We will become the beat of the drum, rather than the drum beat, connecting on a deeper level and feeling every body-shaking beat.

Our sessions can include creating intimacy and exploring surrender.

This is all about providing opportunities to expand and get in touch with each other, to experience a more connected state, fully engaged in our darker desires.

Through our sessions together we can create the safe space needed to allow all those years of social conditioning to fall away, leaving only our authentic self.

Once you're in touch with our own self we can explore communication, asking for what we really want, consciously giving and receiving, exploring sensations, re-learning trust and surrender, understanding how to say yes and no, sensing energy with each other, and creating hallowed space for playfulness, kinkiness, sexiness and emotional release.

Those elements of our nature that have been suppressed by social conditioning and social standards can be allowed to expand within us to bring a deep awareness of our true self, to tap into your hidden desires.

The best gift to give is a lifetime full of adventures!

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