Hi, and thanks for dropping in. My name is Isla and I'm from Cardiff, but don't let that stop you contacting me, just get the Jägerbombs and Prosecco in and I'll be there in a jiffy! :-)

As you know, my name is Isla and I'm from the 'City of Arcades', Cardiff. I'm 47-years-old, recently single (not looking to change that situation at the moment), I have blue eyes and red hair. I'm 5'4" and my breasts are very nice (cup size C) and natural.

If you like a fully shaved pussy, then I'm not the one for you I'm afraid. I tend to keep my pubic are natural with just the occasional trim to keep things neat and tidy down there, this makes me somewhat the exception to the rule these days as a lot of ladies I know shave fully.

Personally, I don't care for the fully shaved look, nor do I like the idea of appearing like an underage girl. I tried the fully shaved pussy look once, out of curiosity, but I didn't like it, it felt weird and found it really, really titchy.

That said, I don't allow my pubes to get out of control and peak through the sides of my knickers either. There's a balance :-)

You may have guessed that I prefer mature men (not immature boys) and go for the manly type.

I enjoy a healthy and active sex life and am turned on by domination and submission roleplay scenarios, small/tiny/micropenis humiliation is a particular favourite.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your personal situation and regardless of what kink or fetish you are into I would welcome hearing from you.

We will discover quickly if we are a good fit! :-)

Kisses and hugs,

PS My safety comes first. Discretion and privacy are required. Fun and frolics is why we're here.

PPS It's your move! ;-)

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