I know you're there, looking at my profile picture! And I know what you're thinking, and my answer is YES, please!

But, I guess you'll want to know a little something about me before taking the plunge and getting in touch.

My name is Marisa, I'm 42 from Poole in Dorset. I have blonde hair and green eyes, I'm 5'8" tall and wear a c-cup bra. My boobs are natural and my nipples sensitive to tongue and touch play!

It's fair to say that I'm what you would call an exhibitionist or someone with exhibitionistic tendencies!

I'm proud of my body and do my best to keep it in good shape. And to answer that all-important question that's on every man's lips, I am fully shaved smooth to avoid any unfortunate incident of getting a pubic hair stuck in a partner's teeth! lol

My secret? The possibility of being caught or seen is a huge turn-on for me. When it comes down to sex, I don't have to have full penetration every time, but getting close to it always works great for me.

Secret two? I've been venturing out without wearing any knickers for a few years now! ;-)

It would be great to hear from you if only to test the water between us! ;-)

Marisa xx

PS Although I am not in a relationship at the moment you can count on my discretion.

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Marisa42, 42 from Dorset | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: marisa42
Age: 42
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Region: South West & Wales
County: Dorset
Town / City: Poole