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Username: marriedwoman
Age: 40
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Region: Yorkshire & North East
County: West Yorkshire
Town / City: Leeds


A new meaning to the words 'Easter bunny is cumming'!

I'm thinking what it would be like to have your cock in my mouth right now!

As we crawl into bed and slide under the covers I put my hand down your pants and feel your flaccid penis. I kiss your neck as I pull your pants down, making my way to where you cock is patiently waiting for me!

Taking hold of your cock, I place it into my mouth and slowly work it as it gets bigger and fills my mouth.

Using my hands to massage the base of your cock I gently suck and lick its full length.

You remove my knickers and expose my pussy and start to play with it. You gently insert two fingers and start sliding them in and out, slowly at first, then a little deeper and quicker. I can feel myself getting really wet with my pussy juice as it runs out of me and between your fingers.

As you work your magic, I hear the noises my pussy makes as your fingers slide in and out.

Then, taking just the head of your hard cock in my mouth at first, I start to suck and slide it inch by inch down my throat. The thought of this makes me so wet, I need to take things quickly to the next level!

As you take your fingers out of my pussy you take hold of my thighs, gently pulling me round until I'm sitting on your face in the 69 position.

You start kissing and licking my pussy and then push your tongue deep inside me which turns me on even more! ;)

While you're busy kissing and licking my pussy, I have your hard cock in my mouth and gently fondle your balls with my finger tips. You are so ready to explode your load as I alternate between long sucks and gentle licking.

Just as you're about to cum, I take your cock out of my mouth and grip it tightly around the shaft just in time to stop you cumming and start sucking your balls.

You reach up and grab my ample tits. As you do this I suck your cock deeper and faster while you sink your tongue even deeper into my pussy. I start to shudder, a sure sign that I'm about to experience a massive volcanic orgasm and extreme cum rush!

We cum at exactly the same time... I keep your cock in my mouth, gently licking and sucking it to make sure that I get every drop of your tasty sex fluid and, yes, I swallow it all.

When you've finished pumping out all your juice, I turn round so that I can lick my cum off your face. Hmmmmmm.

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