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Username: vicky27
Region: Yorkshire & North EastYorkshire & North East
County: East Riding of Yorkshire
Town / City: Kingston upon Hull
Age: 27
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Tags: anal, bdsm, blonde, bondage, dildo, domination, exhibitionism, femdom, fetish, foot fetish, girl next door, heels, kinky, knickers, lingerie, model, oral, PVC, stockings, toys, watersports


Hi there you sexy sex contacts, and welcome to my little corner of the internet in Hull!

About me: I'm slim, 5'7" without heels and with a petite girlie frame and soft silky smooth skin you'd be surprised to also learn I also have a big hard `Surprise` and like being played with.

IRL I love both filthy and passionate encounters with lots of kissing. I am switch and active. First timers are welcome.

My personal favourites:

69. This position is obviously very good as it allows mutual stimulation, and I like that ;)

Anal. If you haven't tried anal sex, take your time. Don't dive straight in there!

Cum in my mouth. I love it when a man ejaculates his spunk into my mouth. Hmmmm ;)

Cum on my body. The feeling of hot cum on my breasts. Oh yes baby.

Deep throat. Taking a penis deep into my mouth when performing oral sex.

Facials. I love it men a man fires his cum juice onto my face, particulaly if the man is a heavy cummer ;)

Fingering. I enjoy it when my partner uses his fingers to stimulate my clitoris, vagina and arse. Vagina and arse together is a real wow feeling for me!

Hand job. I also like to tease with cum denial and ruined cum - that's my naughty side!

Nipple play. Gentle caresses and licks are what I love, but also a bit of rough can work for me too, like having nipple clamps applied or having my nipples spanked.

Rimming. Open to receiving rimming. Taboo or not, I enjoy it!

Watersports. The fantasy of peeing in your mouth and dominating you completely is arguably top of my taboo list ;)

If you're on the same kinky page as me, like the same kinds of stuff, and feel we could get on then please message me.

Vicky xxx

PS Blowjobs are both physical and emotional. The excitement for me doesn't come from the physical sucking, but in knowing that the sight of me with my mouth wrapped around your hard cock is something you'll have a mental picture of forever. Awesomely hot, right?

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Thanks for reading.

Now enjoy! ;)

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