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Username: brenna31
Age: 31
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Region: Scotland
County: Inverness
Town / City: Inverness / Inbhir Nis


About me. My boobs are natural and firm with large erect nipples that love to be pulled and sucked.

My bum loves to be played with and is there to be taken, anytime!

My delicious pussy loves to be filled with hot spunk. And my mouth likes to be filled with cock.

Name: Brenna
Location: Inverness
Age: 31
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'6"
Breasts: C-cup
Build: Small
Other: One of my naughty secrets is I love having sex in random places.

Confession: I was once blindfolded on a spinning table with 6 men around me, the table was spun and whoever was nearest to me could fuck my pussy or arse till he came!

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