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Username: hope52
Age: 52
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Region: South East
County: Hampshire
Town / City: Basingstoke


Sexy Curvy Busty MILF - A Real Suburban Housewife ;-)

Ever wonder what it would be like to be with someone who actually enjoyed being with you, who actually responded like your dreams?

Then contact me -- Hope (52) Basingstoke -- looking forward to hearing from you today.

Read below for a taste of me... :)

You're overwhelmed by those images in your head, that at first seem like some passing fascination, but then the images become more vivid, lively, and you find yourself living with the constant obsession.

That sweet torment of the fantasy fulfills you, but only a little while until you delve into it again, in fleeting visions of shapes and forms, of acts unknown, that only appear to sate your hunger, as it has no end really.

It becomes the perfect scenario of indulgence in things that are forbidden, that should never be, but in the darkest places of the heart and mind you do find, ways to relish the visions of illicit ecstasy.

Are we both here for the same thing I wonder?

Why not message me and let's find out...

Hope (by name and by nature - be real!)

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