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Username: sian46
Age: 46
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Region: South West & Wales
County: South Glamorgan
Town / City: Cardiff / Caerdydd


Hi, and thanks for looking at me :-)

I thought long and hard about what I should say to you here (well for about 3 minutes anyway!) and decided, for this to stand a chance of working well for us both, I would approach things slightly differently and with a somewhat unconventional pitch. Read on and you'll see what I mean. Hmmm...


1. My pussy is not an outlet you can just PLUG INTO. Applies equally to any woman.

2. The biggest turn-off, OF ALL TIME, would be if you walked into the bedroom and expected me to just flip over onto my back, and automatically be wet and ready for you to start thrusting your big cock deep inside me. No, no, no. That's NOT how it works. You should try to make me want you!

3. Warning 'GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION' follows. There's far more to foreplay than just being touched and the anticipation of being touched. There is no substitute for engaging in sexy chat to get me in the mood, make my pussy lips swollen and my fanny dripping wet with cum juice.

4. We need to get to know each other FIRST - we need to find out what each of us wants and why we are here. To this end, our chatting and flirting sessions are an important part of the journey of discovery and the ultimate opportunity for engaging in effective foreplay.

Let me be blunt. If you've read ALL of my profile and you 'get it', then it means you're not a totally selfish prick!

In which case I definitely want to hear from you, because in my experience you are a rare find and one of the desirable few! lol :-)

If you made it past the first bit and down to here, then here's the standard bit you would expect to find on my personal ad.

* Sian, 46, from Cardiff
* Brown eyes, blonde hair
* 5'5", d-cup bra size
* Single (how I like it)
* Star sign Capricorn

* Shaved pubic area. Tick
* Smooth pussy. Tick
* Straight white female. Tick
* Mild BDSM. Tick
* Sexual roleplay with strangers. Tick
* Kinky stuff. Tick
* Anal sex. Tick

If you have made it this far down my page, it means we are a good match.

I don't want to try and push or persuade you to do anything you're unsure about, so I'll sign off now and leave it with you to contact me, but only if that's what you really want to do! ;-)

Sian xxx

PS Secretly hope that I do hear from you soon! :-)

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