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Username: camila
Age: 35
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Region: Scotland
County: City of Aberdeen
Town / City: Aberdeen


Hi babe, I'm Camila, 35. My mother is Spanish and my father is English and I'm currently living in Aberdeen in Scotland. A strange mix I know!

WHAT I LIKE: I like a mature man to take his time until I can't handle it. I need to feel wanted. That's what really drives me crazy. :)

THE BASICS: I have brown eyes and dark hair (with a slight red tint). I'm 5'6" tall, have the most delicious lips that love to be kissed. My body is best described as curvaceous, my legs and silky smooth and my pubic area is natural (hairy) just as nature intended. My breasts are large (d-cup) full and my nipples are sensitive to being played with.

WHY I AM HERE: This has to be a give and take process. Giving yourself over to your passions, excitements, and indulgences can (and should) be an intensely gratifying process with great rewards. :-)

I suspect you're here because you're looking for someone to share your roleplay fantasies with, right? Someone creative and understanding, who smolders with a warmth that's tangible. That's just described me perfectly. ;-)

What I'm looking for is someone who wants to inspire as well as be inspired. A man of maturity and integrity. Is that you?

Let's bring out those parts of ourselves that others don't normally see. I know this can be intimidating; exposing the most vulnerable and imaginative parts of ourselves is somewhat scary. But believe in me, I'm a trustworthy partner, and the rewards for us both will be so worth it.

I'm fully aware that in addition to wanting to get to know each other, men are visual creatures, right? This is why I have some raunchy pics to share with you. Just ask.

About me: Well what can I say? My skin is somewhere between ochre and raw sienna; a rich tan that wraps my hourglass curves. Keeping fit is important to me - my body is both firm and supple in all the proverbial right places.

I could go on and on, but I'd far rather we move to private mode!

As you've reached the bottom of my ad, without getting completely bored, I hope to receive a message from you soon.

Loving kisses,

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