Always horny and always ready to fuck. I love spunk, and love cumming. I'm always being naughty, flashing and showing some deep cleavage :)

I am officially here! Okay, here we go, buckle up and hold tight, babe.

My name is Klara, my dad is British and my mum is Swedish, I love being a crazy MILF for all you guys, and you can ask anything about me via text! Just don't try to get me wet by being over pushy, it doesn't work like that. Although you absolutely can talk dirty with me.

- Age - 42
- Height - leggy 5'10"
- Weight - 8st 7lbs (56kg)
- Body Type - slim
- Breasts - 32F (yes, enhanced!)
- Ass - Slim but still has some jiggle
- Eyes - Blue
- Hair - Naturally blonde)

In Bed:
Role - Dominate
Fav. Sex - Build up the anticipation with mutual foreplay
Fav. Position - Cow Girl/Doggy
Fav. Dick Size - 5-6 inches

Here to see, here to show, here to chat about the dirtiest things with guys who are into girls, if you send me the right message ;)

Now you know who I am, can I ask who this is looking at me, please? A simple text so we can contact each other would be good, babe.

Klara xxx

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Klara42, 42 from Greater London | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: klara42
Age: 42
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Region: London
County: Greater London
Town / City: Tottenham